How the Angels Got Their Wings & Angels All Around Us Book Bundle

Anthony DeStefano begins what is sure to become a classic children’s book on one of God’s most fascinating creations—the angels. How the Angels Got Their Wings is a short but comprehensive introduction to the story of the angels—pure spiritual beings of extraordinary power made by God to assist Him in carrying out His will. The book introduces children to the famous Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, as well as to Satan, the ringleader of the demons—fallen angels who chose to rebel against God. It also introduces children to those special angels who are here with us right now, helping to protect and guide us—our guardian angels. It shows children how angels can assist them with all the problems they encounter in life...
In reading Angels All Around Us is like spending time with a best friend who is able to take the intricacies of faith and break them down into easy lessons anyone can understand. - Maura Poston Zagrans, bestselling author of Miracles Every Day
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