Pro Life is the New Punk Rock

Pro-Life is the New Punk Rock- A History of the Pro-Life Youth Movement, published by Priests for Life Publishing, is a deeply personal and moving account of Bryan’s difficult childhood, his descent into drug use and his salvation experience that began with a drug overdose that should have proved fatal. Bryan talks about the founding of Rock for Life, which drew young Christians into the pro-life cause by inviting them to concerts and opening their eyes to the truth of abortion. He also goes into the early days of Stand True, which he founded, and how the singer of the band Green Day accidentally increased the organization’s visibility during a music festival. The book recalls days when the media was more willing to listen to pro-life voices. MTV publicized some of Rock for Life’s concerts and the comedian and talk show host Bill Maher had Bryan on as a guest numerous times on his show on ABC. His introduction to Father Frank Pavone and Priests for Life is also covered in the book. Bryan was “under cover” as a pro-abortion protester at the time, so he apologized to Father Frank while relentlessly heckling him at a March for Life event in D.C. In his foreword, Father Frank said readers should look at the book “not just as something to read, but as an adventure to follow.” Get Your autographed copy today
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DeStefano finds a fresh take on the events that lead to Easter. Using a small scriptural reference to the unridden donkey that Jesus rides in triumph into Jerusalem, DeStefano imagines a transformative relationship between a small, weak donkey and a figure who gives him strength and asks him to have faith. The text’s rhymes (“No matter how much he tried or he cried/ This was a donkey no one could ride”) make for easy read-aloud. Cowdrey’s illustrations focus on the donkey, conveying the development from initial lethargy to the donkey’s energetic and confident strength. It’s a welcome change from Easter chicks and bunnies. Ages 5–up. - Publishers Weekly